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DIICE makes us fall in love by brewing a "Chemical" reaction

There's something in the air - not love, but an ethereal, husky-smooth "Chemical" brewed by powerful production trio DIICE, featuring the ice-cool vocals of Alys Williams.

Sinfully smooth, "Chemical" is a polished exploration of titillation, collectively built up from slow-tempo percussions, quirky drum sounds and strong synth bumps for an instant love potion. While the contrasting sounds should feel disjointed, DIICE's careful curation of timing and mixing, makes for a flawless, absolutely dance-worthy tune. Alys's silken vocals is the magic ingredient to this potion, naturally bringing together the various sounds for a feel-good invigoration of the mind, via a unique, jagged chorus. Like how Alys croons, "There’s times  know, you need it like water / that afterglow, you don’t just get to feel it no chemicals - we can make our own, it’s possible", "Chemical" is an exploration of the human capacity to feel happiness, and how it's created by stimulating our bodies to create the chemicals we need in our minds. Infectious and utterly resonant, "Chemical" indeed has released the happiness in all of us.


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Dark Pop · Electronic


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