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The Holydrug Couple prove its just the beginning with "Forever End"

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Chilean psychedelic duo The Holydrug Couple had emerged with a batch of new tracks and an upcoming full-length in the works. 2015’s Moonlust was a sleeper gem and I was afraid the band might fall by the wayside getting lost in the recent uptick of acid-inspired bands all dripping with kaleidoscopic callbacks to the mind-expanding ‘60s-70s generation.

Fortunately, this Sacred Bones signee has returned with a vengeance. “Forever End” is their latest release leading up to Hyper Super Mega which will be available everywhere September 14th.

“Forever End” sees songwriters Ives Sepulveda Minho and Manuel Parra evolving their craft to a more refined level without coming down from the hallucinatory effect that made previous releases so special. They create a balanced concoction of deafening wall-of-sound shoegaze and the classic spirited ‘60s psych-pop.

The takeaway from “Forever End” is how the Holydrug Couple are skewing more towards modernity than ever before. Perhaps taking a page from contemporaries like MGMT and Pond, who have made significant strides with recent releases. It’s a refreshing step forward that symbolizes a reinvigorated creativity and devotion to the journey these two musicians set out to accomplish ten years ago from their home in Santiago.

Hyper Super Mega will be available September 14th, 2018 and you can pre-order here.

The Holydrug Couple will be embarking on an extensive Fall Tour that includes Desert Daze Music Festival in Moreno Beach, CA.

10/4                Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern
10/5                Portland, OR @ Polaris Hall
10/10              Tucson, AZ @ The Lunchbox
10/14              Moreno Beach, CA @ Desert Daze Music Festival
10/15              El Paso, TX @ The Monarch
10/15              San Antonio, TX @ The Paper Tiger
10/17              Austin, TX @ Barracuda
10/19              New York City, NY @ Public Arts
10/20             Philadephia, PA @ Phila MoCA
10/22              Raleigh, NC @ Neptune's Parlor
10/23              Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse w/The Oh Sees
10/27              Detroit, MI @ Deluxx Fluxx
10/28              Toronto, ON @ The Monarch
10/29              Montreal, QC @ La Vitriola
11/17               Amsterdam, NL @ Cinetol
11/18               Brighton, UK @ Green Door Store
11/19               Manchester, UK @ Now Wave
11/20              London, UK @ The Lexington
11/21              Paris, FR @ Point FMR
11/21              Vancouver, BC @ The Imperial
11/23              Zurich, CH @ Exil
11/24              Bulle, CH @ Ebullition
11/25              Cologne, DR @ Bunmann & Sohn
11/26              Hamburg, DE @ Hefenklang
11/27              Berlin, DE @ Urban Spree
11/28              Copenhagen, DK @ Loppen
11/29              Oslo, NO @ Revolver
11/30              Stockholm, SE @ Melodymaker
12/3               Salmo, SE @ Plan B

Connect with The Holydrug Couple: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

60's · Indie · Psych-rock · Psychedelic · Shoegaze


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