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"Stutter" is the latest Warehouse Music from Northern Jamz' new EP [Premiere]

Ryan Aitchison, aka Mella Dee, is a producer and DJ loved for his hard hitting sounds just as much as his disco edits. With his label Warehouse Music receiving DJ MAG's esteemed 'Best Breakthrough Label' award, and some even going as far as to get the logo tattooed (this internet generation are the gift that keep on giving), Ryan has built a Warehouse that welcomes sounds stretching across genre borders and encompassing all the feels from the dancefloor.

The latest delivery on Warehouse Music is the Jam 1 EP from Northern Jamz - a collaboration between Mella Dee, an anonymous artist and friend of the label owner. "Stutter" (Minimal Mix) is the first offering on the EP and although a stripped back track, this is the stand out from the EP that captures the essence of a club perfectly. Imagine 4am in your favourite sweaty basement venue, a mass of bodies and this as your soundtrack - you'll soon understand. "Collision" follows - a heavy, big room, industrial sounding cut. Drenched in atmosphere and the rattle of techno sound, "Collision" takes a totally different approach to its predecessor with a relentless drum and urgent loops. "Stutter" closes the EP as a more direct and straight mix of the A1 opener.

Northern Jamz Jam 1 EP is out now on Warehouse Music and available to purchase via Phonica HERE.

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