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Pryda shows off 'Elements'

Something different happens when we hear of a new release from Eric Prydz. Whether it's under his name, or as in this case, under one of his many different monikers, it means it's time to take a break from whatever you're doing to concentrate and really listen. This one - a 4-track EP from his progressive Pryda house - is also the first we've seen from him in 2018. And unlike many of the music we look at day in and day out, each track requires full attention and a listen where there's no fast-forwarding or skipping allowed. Otherwise, you'll miss a big moment that was hiding in the brush of 8+ minutes.

Elements features four distinctly different tracks, all symbolic of the music Pryda puts forth. If you've ever been to a Prydz show, the first and title track will take you immediately back to his live set, strobing lights and beats swirling so fast the only thing to do is to surrender to the music. The second track - a name I would like to be called going forward - "Obsessive Progressive," immediately goes into the dark side we usually see from alter ego Cirez D. In a surprising move for Prydz on a Pryda track like this, notes of vocals enter the track in its last third. "The HoaX" is another classic side of this artist's repertoire, but presented in a new light. Ebbing back and forth between minor key progressions and major key progressions, "The HoaX" flips our expectations as the song moves along. Finally, "Project L.O.V.E." is a classic move for Pryda, and like the rest of the tracks, must be listened to all the way through to make it to the drop or new special element.

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