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HUMAN reveals cinematic video for "GHOST" [Video]

Daniel Adams-Ray, is the man-behind-the-curtain of HUMAN. And just like the man himself, he doesn't want you to pay attention to him. "It is me and whoever is involved, including you!" he says. He prefers HUMAN be called a collective, rather than a band or a person. Adams-Ray loves collaboration, and "GHOST", his second single off his forthcoming album, boasts an Avicii co-write. 

The video features Adams-Ray wandering around the desert, carrying a giant red balloon like it's his only friend. Lyrically speaking, GHOST was born out of an experience Adams-Ray had while running from police after being caught painting an alley with graffiti. He and a friend offered to help two older women carry their bags, in order to pass unnoticed by the cops pursuing them. Speaking further on the video, Adams-Ray says:

"GHOST" is, for good and bad, to live on in the past even though most of one's life circumstances may have changed or lost meaning and function. The video for "GHOST" is created in the same problem-solving spirit.

That is, the spirit of finding innovative ways to breathe new meaning into your life and let go of the past. The storyline and cinematic nature of the video plays on the love-song aspect of GHOST, while the lyrics are introspective, the pop production and instrumentation makes "GHOST" an irresistibly catchy jam, perfect for the start of spring.  

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