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CHANEY puts UK attitude front and center on "Dixons"


It's in CHANEY's mission to represent his home. Raised in the Southwestern UK town of Swindon - about two and a half hours outside London - he brings a specifically UK style to his music, and keeps its attitude specific to his outlook - a local one.

CHANEY's had a few single releases, each of them with a style that reminds us of the garage revival that happened when Disclosure hit the map. His next single will be out tomorrow via Skint Records and is just that. Entitled "Dixons," it has entrancing, stuttering piano chord samples that work perfectly with its paired hopeful vocal.  "Dixons" reminds us where dance music can succeed, as it brings a unique cultural authenticity and rawness to a record that stands out in an increasingly homogenized world. CHANEY's interest in the UK streets and its history with rave culture pay off in "Dixons," which you can take a listen to above.

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