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Listen to Luna Shadow's breathtaking quiet version of "Youth"

LA-based electronic pop vocalist Luna Shadow releases a new alternative-version from one of her successful tracks in her EP Youth.

Her raw vocals is a reminiscent of 80's pop yet still capturing the modern feel. The song "Youth" captures the idea of remembering who we are, and the darkness that comes with love.  The track is an alternative version that captures mainly her vocals and a light amount of ambient instruments such as xylophone and piano. Her soulful voice reminds me of a mix of Carly Rae Jepsen mixed with indie-pop, which really elevated these top-lines to hit the nail on the head for us listeners. 
For those who are in the creative space, it's always exciting to share with your peers the hard work you've put into something, and in relation to that Luna wrote this track to describe the emotions of that process:
As an artist, it's always exciting to share the end result of something that starts as an idea in your head. Sometimes along the way though, things have to be sacrificed - simplicity is traded for excitement, elegance exchanged for majesticness, contained emotiveness for explosiveness, and so forth.  I wrote "Youth" just as you hear it in this "Quiet" version, and while I am really proud of what Sombear (Brad Hale) & I turned it into, I wanted to share it's origins with my listeners, to let them in on the secret & on the process - it started as a quiet lullaby that I wrote in my bedroom. Here is my self-produced, recreated "demo" version of the song, a look at the seed from which it started out. 
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Acapella · Acoustic · Pop


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