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Pete Philly returns after a seven year hiatus with new video "Come Together"

Pete Philly begins his new journey in 2018 as he makes his return with this new video for "Come Together". After taking a seven-year break from music due to health concerns, the Dutch artist has recovered and is ready to embark on new path of music and continue to impact fans. You may know Pete from his two solo projects from 2011 OpenLoops and One. He also spent time touring which included opening up for artist such as James Brown and Kanye West. 

The song features smooth bars from Pete over jazzy production, each providing the rhythm that will have your head bouncing to the beat. Melle Jutte & Daniel von Piekartz are also credited as providing to the track. As for the visuals, they were provided by director, Kris Patmo. Inspiration for the video came from the many layers to Pete's life and personality. The once-conflicting characters all "Come Together" to create this bop. Pete had this to say about the song "I've found peace in my wild-ness, but I've had to go through a bunch of 'me's' to be the kind of human I love being".

Pete Philly has also began a new web series, No Filter, documenting his story. The first episode has some behind the scenes footage from this music video as well as a live performance at Eurosonic. His partnership with Red Bull Music is leading to reclaiming his share of the spotlight with this new series. Webisodes will include performances studio sessions and other behind the scenes glimpse into Pete's life. Check out this video and stay tuned into No Filter to follow the next steps of the return of Pete Philly.

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