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Fedde Le Grand and Sultan + Ned Shepard - "Long Way From Home"

Having just completed their Road To Ultra North American Bus Tour, a nine0show ride that took Fedde Le Grand and Sultan + Ned Shepard from Atlantic City to Ultra Music Festival, the three artists can finally release a much-anticipated track, “Long Way From Home”. Fedde dropped the track for his performance on Friday night, a live performance experienced by tens of thousands of people thanks to the help of Ultra’s YouTube broadcast. With a touch of banjo and bluesy vocals, the track imparts a sense of longing that extends over the rolling bass and lazer-like melody. Fedde will be returning to Bayfront Park for Ultra Weekend 2 this coming Friday, so hopefully you can catch the magic again by live streaming his performance.

Stream: Fedde Le Grand & Sultan + Ned Shepard - Long Way From Home (Original Mix)


Fedde Le Grand and Sultan + Ned Shepard

“Long Way From Home”

  • Flamingo Recordings
  • 3/18/13


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