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Boogie Belgique - "Swing Thing"

First and foremost, electro-swing doesn't get nearly enough love around this part of town, so I'm going to big-up one particular artist that deserves it. Boogie Belgique is a Belgian abstract trip-hop and electro-swing producer who is capable of wandering into different genres, such as house. Unlike most trip-hop producers, he stays away from the obvious ingredients such as traditional hip-hop beat loops and jazzy flings. Regardless of what style of music that is currently tickling his fancy, he manages to weave in a good amount of his go-to source: swing. With an arsenal of singles and tracks under his belt, he commonly frequents the chill out section of Beatport.

One of his more recent tracks, "Swing Thing" has quite the muscle, so prep your ears for this one. Sampling Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean A Thing", he mashes it together with an inexplicably good-feeling vibe resonating from the piano and the simple beat. The instrumentals give you an infectious feeling of euphoria as you can't help but do the nod. All the while, saxophone and other brass instruments toot in rhythm with the beat just to add that special Boogie Belgique sauce. So stream below to preview what's coming up in his next EP release Time for a Boogie which will be out January 23 via Cold Busted.

It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing, baby.

Play: Boogie Belgique - Swing Thing


Electro Swing


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8 years ago

Nice :)

8 years ago

Great! Thank you

8 years ago

Sabes de quien es la cancion que usan en boogieman penthouse?