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Ryan Hemsworth - "Colour & Movement" [Video]

While Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth may not necessarily be known for creating standalone undertones, similar to those of artists like Clams Casino, he excels at doing so proving that he can bring all sorts of flavors of music to the table. “Colour & Movement”, an instrumental track off of his debut Last Words EP, combines downtempo with reflective hip-hop. The overall tone of the song is of minimalist nature, proving that less can be more in the given circumstance.

The track not only barrows its name from the German band The Notwist’s song “Consequence”, but also utilizes samples from the song in the form of loops that Hemsworth tailors to be nearly incomprehensible. The video, directed by Yoni Lappin, is filled with images of young attractive females smoking intertwined with more abstract shots including those of the movement of fire. It builds off of the girls’ everyday life, climaxing with the group of 5 girls seemingly reminiscing in front of a cityscape. A chiming sample of Elliott Smith’s “Everything Means Nothing To Me” provides a great scope of not only the song but also the video. Elliott’s voice ties together the video's images to the music with the idea of indifference as a central theme.

Last Words EP was released August 21, 2012 on WEDIDIT

Breakbeat · Indie


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8 years ago

The song was pretty sick but the trendy ass music video pissed me off lol