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WNT-AL-N gets "Way Out" there with his debut single

Want to know what the best part of writing for a music blog is? No, no, it’s not the free concert tickets. Though, those are awesome. The best part of writing for a blog is the endless supply of new music that flies directly to your inbox. Childish Gambino was right when he said, “You get your clothes free when you’re rich, ain’t it funny?” It is funny, Donald. It is quite funny.

The above mini-rant is relevant because of the Atlanta-based artist WNT-AL-N (pronounced “went all in”) and his latest track, “Way Out.” As the title of the track suggests, this jam is out there, like “Way Out” there. And that is what is so beautiful about it and writing for blogs. It’s easy to pigeonhole one’s self when it comes to music and therefore only listen to genres in your comfort zone. This is an out there track in the best way possible.

Splitting his time between Singapore and the ATL, WNT-AL-N has a wacky style. That must is clear as soon as the song starts. “Way Out” begins with some real funk to it with a funky guitar slide and a pulsing bass. WNT-AL-N makes his appearance shortly after that sounding like an ever more excited Danny Brown. That persona doesn’t last long, though. After a few “Brown bars” he puts on another hat, with a smooth and melodic singing voice. And from there, things continue to build until an upbeat and brass section comes in swingin’.

“Way Out” is WNT-AL-N’s way of acknowledging his out there personality. He’s comfortable in his skin and style, and that confidence bleeds into his music. Hard to say what’s next for the wavy artist, but you can bet whatever he’s got cookin' will be unique as hell.

Press play on “Way Out” above and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all your music needs.

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