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Eryn Martin teams up with Yury for "LAWNMOWER"

Vocalist Eryn Martin teams up with producer-rapper Yury for her latest release titled "LAWNMOWER."

This is quite a departure from Yury's hip-hop style and Eryn's more mainstream efforts. The production sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick.  "LAWNMOWER" is a powerful record that showcases a whole different side of the artists involved. Eryn comes through with an airy, emotion-filled performance over the British-industrial style electronic record. The vibe is dark and sombre which fits the singer's poignant outlook on girls who are influenced by things they don't fully understand yet and live on the fast pace. It's far from a cautionary tale but rather a short glimpse into the psyche of the human mind. Eryn further explains that "...sometimes we don't understand why girls act out the way they do, and there's something so dark about that, I love it."

Connect with  Eryn Martin : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with  Yury : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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