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Gourmet crafts a vintage track in "Jamaica"

Coming straight out of Cape Town, South Africa is the multi-instrumentalist producer, singer, and songwriter known as Gourmet. His eclectic style of music is pretty interesting as his new song "Jamaica" shows. Employing a lo fi, nostalgia inducing backdrop in the downtempo region, Gourmet serves us his unique piece of art. Using hushed vocals and unorthodox dynamism in his arrangement, his aim is to for this track to take your worries away via his dream like groovy instrumentation.

Gourmet whose primary mission statement is to make the listener feel comfortable and forget about their insecurities is a member of the independent label, collective, and multidisciplinary studio, 1991 . 'Jamaica' is the followup of Gourmet's single "There You Go", recently released in collaboration with Kitsuné Maison


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