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Clu - "Moonrunner" (Feat. Gemma Dunlovely) [Exclusive Download]

It was only a few weeks ago that Clu introduced the stream for their new track, "Moonrunner" which features the beautiful vocals of Gemma Dunlovely. The  track houses somewhat subtle undertones that require the listener to really listen in order to appreciate all of the little nuances. But, even on the surface, you are rewarded with a very R&B-esque sound that has been given a new direction with the injection of the darker post-dubstep synths and bass usage. And, its somewhat surprising that this type of sound comes from Ireland, of all places but, ultimately, the internet more-so proves that location really isn't important anymore. We are all part of the same global scene. 

So, today we are proud to be able to offer the exclusive download for the track "Moonrunner". Now you can add it to your collection but make sure to keep a lookout for future releases from Clu as they continue to release their amazing sounding, emotionally filled tunes.

Download: Clu - Moonrunner (Feat. Gemma Dunlovely)



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just a guy
just a guy
8 years ago

great tune!