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Starkey revere "ISV" from CNJR on new remix

CNJR, the Mexico-based producer known for exploring cross-sections of retro and sci-fi soundtracks and one of the co-founders of Future Archive Recordings released his debut album Wstlnd earlier this year. His latest, “ISV,” served as the lead single and the tune blends influences from synthwave, dark ambient, and trap painting a futuristic image resembling 80s classic arcade games. 

Hailing from Philadelphia, Starkey rose to worldwide recognition after he released his critically acclaimed album “Orbits” in 2012 which got mad positive reviews at the time and established him as a household name in bass music.  A Grime pioneer in the United States, he built a loyal following with his striking production style, bass-heavy arrangements, and syncopated melodies.

Right from the get-go, Starkey infuses his personality with jaw-dropping low frequencies textures, diligent percussive patterns, and atmospheric soundscapes that burst into a minimalistic breakdown that incorporates dreamlike marimbas, futuristic cowbells and draws influence from artists such as M83 and Twin Shadow. Through the second drop, fierce melodic movements flashbacks feeling of a beach festival where deep sonic waves travel between palm trees and the sea.

Get the track here.

Connect with Starkey: FacebookSoundcloud | Instagram | Spotify

Connect with CNJR: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Spotify


Dubstep · Post-dubstep · Trap


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