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"Stargate" sees Anunaku near international drum domination

Anunaku is a figurehead and familiar face when it comes to weighty, percussive beats. Otherwise known as TSVI, his latest release, Stargate, released via Martyn’s 3024 label, sees him come one step closer to international drum domination.

The three-track EP is pretty much everything any bass lover could ask for. Carrying on where the mighty Whities 024 left off, Stargate gets 2020 off to a percussive bang. Each track is simplistic, stripped back, and yet still entices the listener to get their body moving. The EP’s title track, “Stargate,” comes into its prime around the halfway point before leading into the standout “Teleported.” While “Stargate” might start off as a slow burner, the wait is more than worth it once things really start to heat up. The subtle wobbling bassline and Middle-Eastern tinges of "Teleported" make the track sound like it’s coming straight from Love International’s Olive Grove stage.

The final track, “Atlas4087,” is somewhat more chaotic, with a wider range of instruments coming into play. Utterly energetic and exploring a different part of the spectrum of drums, it sounds almost spellbinding as the track nears its latter stages. “Atlas4087” is a crowd-hypnotiser if ever there was one, and it’s fair to say that as a whole, the Stargate EP provides some of Anunaku’s most promising work to date.

Stargate can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Anunaku: Spotify | Twitter  | Instagram

Bass · Dance · Electronic · Post-dubstep


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