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Hi I'm Ghost weighs in Spooky Riddim from Valhalla [Interview]

Photography by Joe Weshefsky

Nathan Davis & Tiago Nunez are two talented producers in the bass scene. You’ve more likely heard of their alias, Hi I’m Ghost, which is taking off significantly on Soundcloud and Spotify. I sat down with these two gentlemen after their energetic performance at Valhalla Sound Circus in Northern Quebec, Canada to learn more about their individual stories, musical background, and some fun facts.

Both members are happy to share their music with any listener; their releases reflect a much darker and scarier side of bass music. If you’re not familiar with Riddim, then you may have missed the latest bass trend that is taking the scene by storm. Hi I'm Ghost are talented musicians in the new genre and have had releases on Dim Mak Records, Firepower Records, and via Figure’s latest Heartbeat of Hell EP on Never Say Die: Black Label.

Nathan and Tiago started their career a few years ago in L.A. with a hope of entering the developing scene by offering their own unique take on a heavier side of electronic music.  For the time being, they've been prioritizing their production and spend as much time in the studio as possible. 

The latest release from Hi I'm Ghost comes right out of the oven, titled "Cake", featuring a filthy shake down of Rihanna's single with Chris Brown, "Birthday Cake". The distorted vocals throughout the revision have teases of Ghost's voice combined with Yo Gotti's massive track, "King Shit". Through yet another single, Hi I'm Ghost are able to prove their skills by constructing an exciting mashup. The song shreds traces of the original artists with a signature Hi I'm Ghost tear down. 

Hi I'm Ghost encompass the bass style with a signature grime sound that is pushing the boundaries of electronica through ‘spooky riddim’. They promote their hashtag, #keepitspooky, on virtually every release, as well as launching exclusive limited edition merch at every concert.  They explain part of what makes their style so unique is their character voice that goes along with their branded aesthetic.

“Right away when you hear Ghost’s voice, you can tell it’s our sound” - Tiago

Hi I’m Ghost is certainly breaking norms and delivering a degree of pure filth that seems both playful and frightful at the same time. Reminiscent of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, the music is dangerously catchy and sure to catch you off guard. Just listen to one of their first singles, “Spooky Riddim”, which features Ghost’s voice throughout warning the listener of tempo increases and falls.

It’s safe to say that Hi I’m Ghost is here to stay. Check out their  spooky riddim style and ground-breaking beat drops. These two are spending most of their time currently on production, so it’s safe to say you can expect a lot of bangers soon to come, including on of their latest releases titled "Spookier Riddim". The track goes extremely hard, with an eerie start before bouncing around on a bass scale with sirens and Ghost giving the only traces of breaks. 

Whether it's a screeching synth or a thundering bass, Hi I'm Ghost combines an energetic approach to production with filthy elements, giving a haunted house feel, which seems to have resonated with a growing fanbase. The most important aspect of of releasing music is making sure you have an audience.

"Most of our music is free through Soundcloud, so it's always a little weird to see them on the free download websites. As long as people like our music, that's what matters to us" - Nathan 

I ask the guys why they think their sound is so unique and they explain to me that they are trying to appeal to the darker side of electronic music right now. They are trying to make harsh bass sounds. They explain how a lot of their style came from a fascination with Halloween and the eeriness has continued to inspire their music and branding.

I change the interview to address a more personal side from these two.

I start by inquiring what are their favourite movies and if they ever watch them together.

Tiago is a big fan of horror flicks while Nathan prefers light hearted comedies, so sadly, they don’t often get a chance to watch movies together, though they both enjoy Breaking Bad.

Next I want to know about the spookiest place they’ve ever played. Tiago explains in St. Louis they went to a weird post punk rock era nightclub that had an odd aesthetic. While Nathan recalls an All-Ages show in Idaho where a baby was brought into the audience.

If Tiago and Nathan were in an apocalypse, their number one choice for a weapon would be a katana.

Lastly, our conversation touches on what they want their fans to know. Tiago tells me how they are passionate about every single performance and always jump into the crowd to share their passion with the followers. Whether it’s 10 people or 10,000, they offer a unique experience with their live performances. Their fans can also expect to see a second wave of limited edition merchandise avaliable exclusively at their upcoming shows. 

Connect with Hi I'm Ghost: Website | Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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