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W&W - "Lift Off!"

One of the surprises from my time at Beyond Wonderland up here in the Bay Area was W&W, a duo who I had barely heard of and had only a vague interest to see. Needless to say Willem van Hanegem & Ward van der Harst’s performance blew me away, landing their set in the top of my favorites list for the festival. Unsurprisingly, “Lift Off!” lived up to my expectations of the Dutch artists. The track follows in its name, delivering elements that combine the feel of a shuttle ride that takes you into the weightless expanses of space. Short synth riffs lend it a harder feel that continues with the small glitches and syncopations heard throughout the song. Catch the two on tour at the Palladium in Hollywood, CA on December 8th or Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA on the 31st.

Stream: W&W - Lift Off! (Original Mix)




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