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Vinny Cha$e - "Biggie and Jordans" (Feat. Kid Art) [Video]

Cheers club frontman Vinny Cha$e has been on his grind for a long time. During the reign of Dipset he was Juelz Santana's videographer and protege.Hitting the road and even living with Juelz Santana after the tour had wrapped up. Since then he has come to create his own identity with the Cheers Club movement. The Cheers Club mentality consists of enjoying the finer luxuries in life but still being true to yourself at the same time. Vinny is able to blend street wear and luxury which catches the attention of both music and fashion lovers. His latest video "Biggie and Jordans" showcases both his love for music and fashion. The banging instrumentals are courtesy  of Audio Dope Music, be sure to download his latest mixtape Golden Army

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8 years ago

Cheers Club <3