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Caravan Palace - "Dramophone" [Video]

This may be one of the more unique bands to appear on Earmilk. Caravan Palace is a French electro swing band from Paris, France who are stuck in the 1940s. Infusing modern music with aspects of classic swing, they create an unusual type of music that seem out-dated yet contemporary. This electro swing style, or gypsy jazz as some may call it, is dangerously contagious. Their massive following in Europe emphasizes their success and expertise in their unique combination of old school meeting new school. Some instruments they use include upright bass, violins, trombones, trumpets, and clarinets, as well as modern synthesizers.  Recently, they let loose an official video of their track "Dramophone", off of their second album Panic released online March 5 and officially released November 5 in the U.K.

If this is your first time hearing about Caravan Palace, you are definitely in for something new. "Dramophone" is one of many songs that really defines Caravan Palace's refined style. You'll hear jazz style drumming, swing strumming, a variety of brass instruments, and 1940s style vocals within the first 30 seconds of "Dramophone". The drumming dies out soon after and makes way to more of an electro type of beat coupled with subtle synth effects. All the while, the video depicts a modern-day motorcycle gang entering an old-fashioned restaurant and confronting a group of women. Just when you think shit is about to hit the fan, it does: Footloose style. Taking turns whipping out their best oldies moves, it turns into a choreographed and synchronized dance-a-thon that is comparable to something out of a Bollywood music video. If you are looking for an upbeat band with a unique sound to start listening to, Caravan Palace is a must.

Play: Caravan Palace - Dramophone

Caravan Palace - Panic

Electro Swing


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