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Crushed Beaks - "Breakdown"

Crushed Beaks are a South London noise-pop duo whose recent track "Breakdown", released on the mysterious new independent London imprint ASL Records, has been making serious waves.

Recently featured on Noisey and played by the likes of Huw Stephens and Jen Long on BBC Radio One, Tom Ravenscroft on 6music, and championed by Jon Hillcock on his New Noise podcast, Breakdown is fuzzy piece of genre bending goodness.

The track begins as a dreamy lament with frontman Matthew Poile's heavily reverberating guitars and lilting voice carrying the meandering song until the very end when, with the help of bandmate Alex Morris's flurry of percussion, the track builds up into an all-out garage-rock rush.  The B-side horror shorts evokes the same sun-drenched vibes except with a bit of a dark twist that is unusual for the genre.

 Alex Morris and Matthew Poile actually formed through a shared love of horror films and slashers. At first glance you might not catch that inspiration but if you listen closely a hint of the macabre shines through. If the duo scored a horror movie this would be the most sun-drenched washed-out slasher flick ever... which actually sounds pretty cool.

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