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Filterheadz - "Earth" (Original Mix)

Brothers Bert and Maarten Wilmaers probably couldn't have predicted they'd have a fanbase that included techno legends like UMEK when they used to dream of rock stardom. Lucky for us, the Belgian duo Filterheadz have returned with their classic heavy grooves in the release of "Earth". 

Out on 1605 Music Therapy, "Earth" is all about the classic of the type of techno that Filterheadz are known for: drum manipulation and loops. Inspired by "filter disco" (hence their name), Filterheadz have made a name for themselves with their groovy drum-based style. High off the success of what seems like a 10-year long battle for "Best Remix" of their hugely successful track "Sunshine," "Earth" continues their streak of quality releases, and is bound to be a live set favorite going into 2013.

Stream:Filterheadz - Earth (Original Mix)

Dance · Techno


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