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Loo & Placido - "Black Sab System"

I always find it refreshing to find mashups that incorporate "old" school music with contemporary music. Loo & Placido have done just that with one of the their latest mashes, "Black Sab System." Loo & Placido's game is strictly mashup. The one aspect that I love about them is that they make an effort to take past hits from different decades and mixes them with today's mega-hits. Sampling songs from both LCD Soundsystem and Black Sabbath, it could only go in one direction. And that direction is awesome. Taking the heavy rocking from Black Sabbath and the electronic quirkiness of LCD Soundsystem, Loo & Placido manages to mix these contrasting styles into a song that rocks. Being a fan of both LCD Soundsystem and Black Sabbath, I naturally loved this mashup. In an age where mashing songs together is by no means new anymore, Loo & Placido takes a slightly different turn by pulling upon great hits of the past as well as the great hits of today.

      Black Sab System
Download: Loo and Placido - Black Sab System

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