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Flo Rida – "Wild Ones" (Feat. Sia) (Glitchdick "CTLGD" Remix)

I featured Glitchdick's (Now "CTLGD") work a while back with his fiery remix of Rihanna's "We Found Love." Since then, this Honolulu native has been hard at work in the studio to make several tracks to bring today that are sure to leave you more awe-struck with a bass face than you thought possible. Today I'm bringing you CTLGD's most recent remix, which is the latest 'ruined' version of "Wild Ones." As if this song wasn't played enough on the radio, and after hearing various DJ's soft edits and remixes, I'm sure the last thing you really want to hear is another remix of this top 40 pop track. Well, it just so happens that CTLGD's remix is no radio-friendly remix, nor a friendly edit of the poppy original. Where the original had its soft build and climaxing house riff, CTLGD turns it into an energetic synth with bouncing bass. Enough of me rambling on, go listen to how CTLGD ruined Sia and Flo Rida's radio friendly top 40 hit. All songs are available for free on CTLGD's Soundcloud. Enjoy. 

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