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Lullatone – "A Slow Waltz" (Halo Remix)

Lullatone is a band based in Nagoya, Japan. They like to consider their own work as pajama pop, which seems pretty fitting if you know Lullatone. Their work is very childish, in the sense that you get a playful or youthful feel when listening to a track of theirs. Also, their melodic pieces are on the very chill, mellowed side, almost making you want to take a nap (hence pajama pop). "A Slow Waltz" in its original form is an extremely soft and quiet track. It's simplicity and lightness will surely put you to bed if you aren't careful. However, Halo went ahead and added a little something to spice it up. But just a little. Keeping everything from the original, he adds an ambient beat, as well as ambient effects. And that's about it, but it does wonders. He successfully gave the original track a renovation that is much-needed for those who don't want to be put to sleep.

The beats add a nice spin to the song, pulling it out of the pajama pop and almost into an ambient downtempo type of song. Summer is almost here, so treat yourself with a nice quiet remix after a hard day's work. 

      A Slow Waltz (Halo Remix)
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Chillout · Electronic · Lo-Fi


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