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The Foreign Exchange (Ft. Muhsinah) - "House of Cards"

Phonte and Nicolay finally dropped a video for the track "House Of Cards" from their 2008 album Leave It All Behind. This would be the third music video supplement to the album. Although the entire album is amazing, this was one of the premier tracks from the album. The production from Nicolay over all of the songs suits a particular signature style, where had you heard this album before, you could start a track in the middle and recognize who it is. Albeit, what makes this song genius and unique is its climactic rise melodically in contrast to its very moving and serious lyrics. There is a point where the songs synth and piano parts begin to frolic as Phonte and Muhsinah remind the listener that this is the end for whomever the subject is.

The video is directed by Matt Koza. The post production and cinematography of the video is done really well. Koza takes some what of a City Of Angels concept and adapts it to fit the song. Great stuff. Check it out below, and watch the the two previous videos after the jump.

The Foreign Exchnage (ft. Muhsinah) - House of Cards

The only other one that I am sure was directed by Matt Koza is "Take Off the Blues".

The Foreign Exchange - Take Off The Blues

The Foreign Exchange (ft. Muhsinah) - Daykeeper

Keep Listening.

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