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Maty Noyes explores free-spirited love on single “Diggin Da Blunt" from debut album

Los Angeles pop artist Maty Noyes drops free-spirited track “Diggin Da Blunt,” the lead single from her debut album The Feeling’s Mutual. With a groovy vibe born out of electronic, guitar-tinged instrumentals and Noyes’ sultry vocals, the youthful track embodies the young singer’s sensuality, establishing the power of love before it unravels in each successive song in the album. 

Oozing self-confidence, the hazy offering which was written during a time when the singer’s heart belonged to the “openness of the world," draws from a time in Noyes’ life when she was enjoying single life to its fullest, filled to the brim with an anthemic energy fit for any party-goer.

A seamlessly blend of genres, The Feeling’s Mutual takes us through an intricate journey of of love, heartbreak, and everything in between. "Diggin' Da Blunt," is the beating heart around which the 16-track album has been framed. Delicately balancing fierce sexual passion with a laid-back energy in the husky quality of her vocals, Noyes reminisces on young love and the carefree nature of being single, as the rest of album moves onward exploring different stages of love in an authenic style that is fun-loving and emotive in equal parts.

Maty Noyes who has been dedicated to music since her pre-teens has quickly bloomed into hit-maker, duetting with The Weeknd on “Angel” from the GRAMMY-winning album Beauty Behind the Madness, writing and singing on Kygo’s Stay as well as Celine Dion’s album Courage. Now coming into her own and stepping into the limelight with her own full-length, Noyes brings her string of successes to its peak with her ability to connect with listeners through relatable song writing and pleasantly catchy sonics.

Tracing a path straight from her heart to yours, Maty Noyes is undeniably a charmer –  “Diggin Da Blunt,” and her album by extension giving us a vibrant, wild glimpse of her endearing star power.

Connect with Maty Noyes : Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 

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