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Anna Shoemaker is "Sick!" over toxic love

Making modern, grounded pop ballads for everyone's inner-millennial, Brooklyn-based Anna Shoemaker is the kind of artist that you can't help but root for.  Her discography is already full of relentlessly replayable bedroom-pop gems that all feel disarmingly honest and accessible but her newest entry mixes additional notes of alternative and indie with its cathartic pop emphasis.  "Sick!" marks the first single from her forthcoming debut album due this Spring and sees a noted maturation in Shoemaker's sound and subject.   

"Sick!" sees a tonal shift from the more bedroom-pop-centric offerings of Shoemaker's earlier work to a more mature and radio-friendly sound.  A reflection on toxic relationships written during the height of quarantine, Shoemaker had to say of the track, “'Sick!' is about missing that adrenaline rush a toxic relationship brings you and how it can be mistaken for missing the person."  Fellow Brooklyn-based creative Middle Part adds a little distortion-addled edge to the song, completing the catchy and left-of-center ballad.  

With her debut album on the horizon, Shoemaker has clearly gone above and beyond refining her sound and influences.  Catchy and addictive, "Sick!" is just a taste of the heights that Shoemaker is capable of reaching with her music and an exciting new entry into her already exceptional discography.  

Connect with Anna Shoemaker: Spotify | Apple Music | SoundCloud | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram 

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