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Jonny West finds beauty in pain with “Homicide” [Video]

Even after a relationship is shattered there is still a beauty that remains. Though someone is no longer in your life, the good that came out of that partnership can still remain. Jonny West captures this sentiment in his emotive single “Homicide”. The track stuns with lush, sweeping vocals gliding atop gentle arrangements. As he delicately sings, “call your friends and confide, you ended us by homicide and they’ll help you bury me out back,” you can feel his aching hurt with each note. The desert visuals are the ideal backdrop, ending with  stepping into a deep, black hole, he is buried by heartbreak.

West’s introspective offerings deal with mental struggles and the loss of love, making his releases so passionate and poignant. “Homicide” possesses that same moving and mesmerizing quality. The lyrics display a fierce devotion among friends. So much so that they would even help you do the darkest of deeds. The singer admits, “There’s something beautiful to me about the kind of loyalty it would take in friends who would even have your back if you needed to dispose of a dead body. However, there’s also a sense of accountability when you let those friends in on the fact that a person you once brought around to put on display has now become a liability due to the decision you made with their heart.”

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