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EMELINE blossoms in "flowers & sex"

Transformative pop singer/songwriter EMELINE has unleashed a powerful electronic infused pop anthem produced by the music duo SMLE.  Entitled "flowers & sex" the track narrates owning and embracing ones own sexuality and asking for what you want in a sexual relationship.  Featuring intimate and warmly atmospheric vocals with an undeniably addictive hook that culminates into a fierce EDM drop, "flowers & sex" is seductive, confident and perfect in synergy. The song is the ultimate soundtrack to 2021's "hot girl summer."

EMELINE's leaked demo of "flowers & sex" on TikTok has been viewed millions of times. EMELINE confides, "This song is my moment to ask for what I want and need, unapologetically. I am living inside my power and embracing that I deserve to be celebrated. What can I say, flowers and sex are a girl's best friend." 

After performing in 2017 for the Boston Women's March, EMELINE threw herself into writing and recording alt pop tracks with a message.  Releases such as "Hush" aimed to encourage women and girls to fight for what they believe in and not be silenced, while the dark and moody "6 foot deep" is about finding strength in overcoming toxicity specifically from an unhealthy relationship. In "flowers & sex" we can hear EMELINE finally be able to truly embrace her confident self while speaking candidly about what she desires. 

Connect with EMELINE: TikTok | Twitter | Instagram



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