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Butch Dawson shares evocative new visual for "Hummer"

Baltimore musician Butch Dawson has shared an evocative new visual for his single "Hummer". This genre-bending, progressive song creates a mysterious atmosphere that immediately draws us in.

Sonically, "Hummer" is essentially divided into two parts, featuring a massive beat drop that signals the transition between them. The first part of the song is minimalistic, centred around shining acoustic guitars and dream-like background vocals. The pairing of these sounds provides an intriguing backdrop for Dawson's nostalgic vocals. Moreover, he comes through with some smooth, melancholic verses during this section that conjure a reminiscent atmosphere.

During the second half of the track, however, the energy is flipped entirely as heavy, booming 808s are brought in. Metallic drums underscore this section, providing an intense backdrop for Dawson's dexterous flow. Furthermore, the production on this part of the song is raw and textured, making for an invigorating listen. 

The accompanying visual is suitably dark and minimalistic, featuring muted coloration that conveys the song's moody atmosphere. Dawson gives an intense, powerful performance throughout the video, providing fiery, confident verses. 

Overall, "Hummer" is a strong release from Butch Dawson. It creates a unique atmosphere that is difficult to replicate, making for a refreshing listen. The music video is also powerful and abstract, adding to the song's intriguing nature. All in all, one can look forward to more releases from Butch Dawson with much excitement. 

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