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Indie pop group 19&YOU release moody music video for “Adrenaline”

L.A four-piece, 19&YOU, created a band by accident. Executive producer Noah Taylor originally flew across the world to Australia to follow a girl. However, it was real love when he met Cameron Graves (vocals), Jackson Leitch (guitar), and Liam Wallis (drums) on his stay there.  From there, 19&YOU was born. The five songs they’ve released within the past year already have buzz around them. Yesterday, they introduced the new single, “Adrenaline,” off their debut EP along with a music video.

Backed by an R&B production, soft percussion, smooth vocals, and electronic slithers start us off, matching with the black-and-white visuals in the music video. The chorus is where the color kicks in, though, with reverbed vocals, shredding guitars, and shattering keys, giving off The 1975 or The Neighbourhood vibes with their aesthetic and fusion of genres.

This track comes off the band’s self-titled debut EP, 19&YOU, which is filled with coming-of-age stories as well as themes of heartbreak and self-discovery. They shared about when they all came together in Australia, "At that time, we were all going through heartbreak and decided one night to make a song using that shared experience. That was the start of 19&YOU. We write from experience and relatability, which is why we believe our fans will be able to really connect with the tracks on the EP."

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