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The Olson Brothers unveil their lively new summer anthem “Molly” [Video]

The Olson Brothers have released their new single “Molly”. Detailing a flirtatious summer romance, those feel-good vibes burst through in this upbeat, playful song, perfect for any summer playlist, . We all know what it is like to have that one person stuck on our minds. 

The single seamlessly showcases that lovesick sentiment. With energetic vocals and vibrant electric guitars, the track is sure to have you on your feet. The accompanying visuals provide that same cheerful air. Displaying the band performing at a local bar, they get the whole crowd going with their fun-loving sound. The band reveals in a statement, "Molly is inspired by a fun summer fling. Our family's bar back home in Kenosha is the spot we all go to hangout. The song was written after a night out drinking."

The Kenosha-based brothers are recognized for their rich vocal harmonies and bright instrumentation. Inspired by legends like The Eagles and Tom Petty, the group is determined to bring true rock ‘n’ roll back. Their music is an effortless blend of rock, pop, folk and country, creating a soaring sound that is deeply vast. “Molly” possesses that same captivating expansive quality. Check out the sunny tune and equally spirited video.

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