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Papichuloteej returns with a summer ready new single, "Boyfriend" [Video]

Indie rockstar Papichuloteej has been relatively quiet since his short EP, Homecoming was released back in December of 2020. Last Friday, he made his return with a summer-ready new single, “Boyfriend”. The Las Vegas artist has been garnering a following with his melodic and indie-driven sound, and “Boyfriend” is a great next step. The new single is accompanied by a vibrant and fun music video, directed by Daniel Jordan K and the Overcast crew.

“Boyfriend” is an infectious tune ready to hit the radios all summer. The song follows Teej on his journey to win over a girl who is tangled up with her current boyfriend. It’s a fun track, one which anyone can relate to. The track is carried by a distorted and groovy guitar riff that loops throughout the track. Teej flows over the beat effortlessly, with a catchy hook and stellar verses.

The music video for “Boyfriend” brings the story to life. Teej carries his boombox around as he dances his way into the girl’s life. Visually, the track emits a summer vibe perfectly with bright colors and sunny locations. It may be one of Overcast's more simple videos, but the scene selection, creative camera angles, and Teej’s natural charisma make it one of their best. It’s a great watch.

The collaboration with Overcast marks a major moment for Papichuloteej in his career, and “Boyfriend” is the perfect track for more people to join the hype train. Teej is establishing himself well in the alternative indie space, and it will be exciting to watch him grow this year.

Connect with Papichuloteej: Instagram |Spotify

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