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Soda Blonde releases "In The Heat Of The Night" off upcoming debut album [Premiere]

Tomorrow, Dublin band Soda Blonde releases “In The Heat Of The Night”, the second single from their highly anticipated debut album Small Talk. This latest harnesses a dark and adventurous energy transmitted through smooth and subtle instrumentals. 

Frontwoman Faye O’Rourke explains the single as “a song about conflict and getting a kick out of it. The thrill of the fight.” The track undoubtedly carries a sense of adrenaline, the hushed background harmonies dripping with anticipation and backed by that steady looming guitar cadence. “The music possessed an attitude that I wasn’t familiar with as a songwriter,” O’Rourke continues. “It deftly evoked the neon of night and brought Scorcese’s Casino to my mind.” Her opening lyrics “I’ll be the north, you be south” set the scene for a fight of realized opposites, building to O'Rourke's voice flying high at the pre-chorus between a repeated vocal harmony. 

Small Talk promises to chronicle the experiences of the band members in their 20's. O’Rourke mentions such inspiration as heartbreak at fourteen and “resolution and revolution in sex and politics.” If you’re dipping into the band’s catalogue for the first time, “In The Heat Of The Night” is a binge-worthy starting point, an anticipatory prelude to a debut collection.

Small Talk is out July 9th via Velveteen Records.
Connect with Soda Blonde:  Website | Spotify | Instagram 

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Munna Salim
Munna Salim
11 days ago

They deserve to be global superstars. And one day they will....

Last edited 11 days ago by Munna Salim