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Joe August, Betty Michaels and Heather Chelan stay "Carefree"

"Carefree" is a collaboration between Seattle-based emerging artists Joe August, Betty Michaels, and Heather Chelan. "Carefree" is the prime example of a feel-good record that captures the spirit of summer and describes the euphoria of being lost in the music for that moment in time. 

Helmed by Michaels's warm Rhodes arrangement, funky guitars, and lively groove, August opens up the floodgates with a smooth vocal performance ripe with catchy melodies and a short rap refrain. He dwells on the thing that matters to him presently and finds pleasure in dancing his worries away. Singer Heather Chelan joins them as the last missing piece in the puzzle who adds her unique sultry harmonies and airy vocals to the track. The result is a smooth mix of retro funk, contemporary soul/R&B with a dash of hip-hop that serves as the perfect party starter.

The record was birthed when LA-born singer Joe August met instrumentalist Betty Michaels in college and they proceeded to merge their friendship and creative skills on wax. Seattle native Heather Chelan is presently based in London, UK, and besides music, she does PSA videos under the pseudonym Heb on the Web. No full project is attached to the record but as a one-off, we all can say this trio might have more tricks up their creative sleeves.

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