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Pizzagirl takes a "Bullet Train" through the heart of just another breakup song

Liverpool-based alternative pop artist Pizzagirl has revealed his newest offering, oozing of technicolour electronic beats in the form of "Bullet Train," the second taste of what is to come of his 11-track album out July 16.

Following on from the release of his melancholic dominated anthem "car freshener aftershave" in March, Pizzagirl's follow up showcases a sonic array of aesthetic synth basslines underneath the anthemic vocal overlay, whilst incorporating an electronic instrumental throughout. Although, the primary heaviest production aspect is highlighted by its more downbeat themes - essentially reflecting a continuous ‘break - up’ thread running through the upcoming album.

While, yes, deep down "Bullet Train" is just another breakup song, Pizzagirl intentionally comes off really bitter on this, and for good reasons. Taking inspiration from within, the vibe of this song can be seen as a call back to 90s industrial synth pop escapism, with larger than life vocals taking charge of its story.

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