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Set your mind adrift on KK Lewis' "First Bus Home" [Video]

Dublin-hailing alt-pop newcomer KK Lewis builds on the momentum from her back-to-back stellar opening singles, by completing a hat-trick with her second release of the year, "First Bus Home."

The past year's events have given us all plenty of time inside for personal reflection, and their impact on the music world shouldn't be overlooked. In the case of KK Lewis, it's granted her the space to form a cohesive, genre-hopping narrative that fluidly rotates through differing personas, and in 2021, it's truly spreading its wings.

We heard the century-spanning pop nostalgia of her debut, "Loop Now," to the bitingly empowering, guitar-led cut "Good Enough" and now with "First Bus Home," her timeless approach continues with an enchanting sense of soul. She takes a mature songwriting stance on a typically adolescent focus: “the song captures a memory in Dublin City in the early hours of the morning waiting for the buses to start running again after a night out. It depicts my later teenage years and explores how isolating love can feel and how quickly these emotions can overtake you and leave you feeling completely lost. Listening to this song now, is like reading an excerpt from my diary, I can visualise the memory in my head so clearly and even though it was such a confusing and lonely time in my life, I can look back now with some clarity.”

Setting the perfect foundation for this heady, and vividly relatable look to the past are warm keys, softly muted guitars and dusty textures that recall the sounds of Amy Winehouse, and considering that this is just one of the aforementioned musical personas, expect to enchanted once again when her forthcoming debut EP drops later this year.

Connect with KK Lewis: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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25 days ago

Great video and excellent song!

Dylanosauras Rex
Dylanosauras Rex
25 days ago

🔥 🔥 🔥