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Dexorcist returns to Super Rhythm Trax with Miami Bass-inspired EP

Dexorcist has returned to Super Rhythm Trax with an explosive new four-track EP. Produced alongside long-time collaborator, Bass Junkie, Body Clock is a Miami Bass special, drawing influences from Detroit, Chicago, London and Miami. With these two causing a stir whenever they get together, there are no doubts we're in for a treat with the latest instalment — prior collaborations between the duo have lead to some of the most memorable tracks in electro.

Opening track “Mercury” sets an unsettling tone, with muffled vocals, thumping bass and subtle drones all adding to the intensity. Spiralling into ravey whirrs and heavy percussion, “Mercury” wasn’t meant to be played anywhere other than the rave. Giving off serious oldskool warehouse vibes, Dexorcist knows exactly what we’ve all been longing for over the last year. “Luna Saturni” opts for a far mellower tone, offering six minutes of straight-up machine funk that’s perfect for the after hours. Spooky synths and mechanical elements elevate the track hugely, leaving us feeling as though we're on the brink of a serious malfunction.

“Body Clock” soon ditches the spookiness in favour of high-energy breaks, Kraftwerk samples and sirens; one might say it’s the perfect tune. A standout on an extremely strong release, “Body Clock” contains all the elements to create something special — and something special it is. Dexorcist’s ear for the oldskool keeps him head and shoulders above the rest, with each release remaining wholly unique and true to his sound. Closing things off on a techno-infused tip, “Kindred Spirit” is far more laid-back than its predecessors, giving us the drum workout we all needed. Cheerful melodies layer perfectly over choppy vocals and drum patterns to make a laid-back bop that sounds just as good in the kitchen as it will in the club. Is there anything he can’t do?

Body Clock can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Dexorcist: Spotify 

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