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OYLS destigmatize mental health issues with help from Danny Trejo [Music Video]

Los Angeles-based electronic duo OYLS are being a force of good in their latest video. “Netflix (Your Product is Too Good)” is a musical message to us humans, raising awareness to mental health stigmas, pointing out how toxic access to unlimited entertainment is and ultimately how damaging it can be.

The duo reached out to actor Danny Trejo (Spy Kids, Machete) to get him involved in their retro video, knowing that he is an avid mental health advocate. Providing a wildly accurate reflection of the battles people suffer, Trejo highlights the act of being wedged in the middle of snacking and binging trash television. “Netflix (Your Product is Too Good)” is a meticulous arrangement of a tale that is true to how many spent lockdown around the world - dark days, bathing in unhealthy, easily accessible fixtures. Not only is the video a glimpse of Trejo in his most vulnerable state, but all proceeds of the video support musicians in need of mental health and addiction resources through MusiCares.

The single itself is an intimately arranged piece. Honing in on lyrics like, “sometimes I lose myself” and “it’s four in the morning and I'm binging on shows, I’m a loser,” the track reveals that many people experience similar chains of repeated cycles, engulfed in outlets such as Netflix to fill a void.

“Netflix (Your Product is Too Good)” has a tight drum pattern that fades into softer moments, surrounded by panning synth swirls and heart racing elements that mirror the anxiety of being in a toxic pattern. OYLS have perfected their recipe of relatable tunes that still fit our 2021 banger playlists and we can't wait for the fourth installment of their so called "visual pop opera" series. 

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