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Lovey The Don breaks from mold with "Stoopid" [Video]

NC Rapper Lovey The Don aims for the jugular on her new song "Stoopid" alongside a vibrant anime-inspired music video. The emerging rapper had recently put out her mixtape The Don Mother, a 10-track body of work that showcases raw emotions, unapologetic bravado-laden rhymes over off-beat trap bangers. Her latest single "Stoopid" is the prime example of bravado on wax as Lovey The Don sets it off, carefully dishing out vivid threats to the opposition and naysayers over Aiedyn Woods' sparse but booming trap backdrop.

The anime-inspired visual is helmed by Braxton Langston-Chapman who brings Lovey The Don's offbeat personality to the screen. She plays a katana-wielding heroine, dressed in a sailor girl outfit (reminiscent of Sakura from the Street Fighter video game series) and she is out for revenge, cutting down foes with every bar and stanza. The video is quite zany to some degree and lends it strength to Lovey's electrifying persona that switches between scary, nonchalant and animated. The act of violence is quite justified as Lovey adds that we as a people have a right to defend ourselves and maintain our inner peace from everyday stupidity.

Lovey The Don burst through the scene in 2015 with her debut EP The Futuristic EP and her second body of work The Don Mother was recently released on the 2nd of April,2021.

Connect with Lovey The Don: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Linda Grady
Linda Grady
22 days ago

Yessssssssssss! Lovvey The Don!!!!!!!