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BIIANCO releases interactive music video for single “that’s what friends are for”

Meet BIIANCO, the Los Angeles-based queer-femme artist. Whether it’s through poetry, songwriting, directing, etc, BIIANCO enjoys taking her hardships and turning them into art, and she inspires her audience to do the same. Today, the artist releases her chill, electronic single “that’s what friends are for” along with an interactive music video. She takes listeners into her own world of music and imagination, but also gives them the power to choose their own path. In that, she hopes that they discover something new about themselves and know that they can count on her to help them find that boost of self-confidence.

“that’s what friends are for” brings Halloween around a little early with its spooky sonic atmosphere. High-pitched whistles contrast well with a mysterious drum beat. On top of that are the distant echoes, ringing synths, and BIIANCO’s sultry vocals to really lure one in. The production really helps emphasize the reclamation of power conveyed in the lyrics as BIIANCO encourages friends to leave their exes behind.

The music video is inspired by teen horror writer R.L. Stine, but has a bigger edge and gore more similar to Netflix’s Bandersnatch. The video is an interactive game, allowing viewers to pick their own story and discovering what kind of friend you are. BIIANCO explains, "I kept picturing my friends' and my exes as zombies, infected by this horrible disease that makes you treat people you 'love' like crap.” And fun fact around the music video, "All quotes used in the game were actually said to the actors by various exes."

As much fun as they might have had filming this fun concept, it also takes a lot of hard work. BIIANCO and her team shot the equivalent of 8 music videos to create the different storylines. Along with a diverse cast, some might even recognize some of the actors.  Be sure to watch and play to see and appreciate the craft of everyone who made this unique video possible.

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