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Awfultune celebrates spring and new beginnings with a yellow “sunflower”

Layla Eden goes by stage name “awfultune”, but don’t let her name mislead you. Eden has established herself as a bedroom pop and indie-rock artist, collecting over 2 million monthly Spotify listeners. And it’s not that hard to understand why when she likes to write about topics of self-love.  Who wouldn’t want to rediscover their self-worth while listening to Eden's pacifying vocals?

“sunflower” sounds like the sunshine after a day of rain, the last of the raindrops pattering off windowsills and the sunbeams twinkling out from behind clouds. The track falls more into her bedroom pop roots with the minimalistic lo-fi beats and soft, repetitive percussion. However, it’s really Eden’s somber, whirring vocals that bring the shine. She does not shy away from honesty as she explains, "'sunflower' is about healing from unreciprocated love and putting all that love you wasted on them back into yourself."

“sunflower” comes off of awfultune’s upcoming project revolving around a color story, in which each song/color will look at a different scene from Layla’s coming-of-age story with herself and her place within the LGBTQ+ community. Many will probably relate to her story a lot, hopefully adding her music to the soundtracks of their own life story.

Eden elaborated a little more, stating “It began when I started to notice the bright colors from various aspects of my everyday life. […] In addition to the emotions that surround the lyrics and the color/mood that corresponds, the collection of these new songs really explores the journey I’ve had myself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Connect with awfultune: Website | Instagram | Spotify

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