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Bad Heather asks you to be "Honest"

On his third single to date, Bad Heather, the alter ego of Utah native Porter Chapman, proves that he truly cannot miss when it comes to creating intoxicating sounds. On perhaps his boldest release yet, "Honest" arrives with the same hard-hitting lovesick intent of his previous works, and sees his already kaleidoscopic alt-pop sound push the envelope even further. 

With three tracks under his belt that lyrically pull from the problematic side of modern romance, without hearing his music, you'll likely be surprised by the wholly effervescent, and restless energy that he juxtaposes against his often brutally introspective lyricism.

Compounding the juxtaposition even further, "Honest" deals in two disparate energies between the verse and chorus, which truly brings the highs and lows of the subject matter to life. Working with a sullen, contemplative soundscape in the verses, the track opens with blissful washed-out synths that provide a dreamlike sensation not unlike the soundtrack a film where the protagonist recalls a distant memory. As these textures dissolve into the verse, it's all but a bass and basic rhythm that he needs to compel you with his rose-tined narrative.

Opening up to said narrative in an email statement, Chapman shares that "Honest" refers to the "hopeful vulnerability before the inevitable breakup. Having deep feelings for someone you don't trust really fucking sucks. This might be the most emo track I've written."

Past the verse, the synths return to add further anticipation for this aforementioned switch up to the chorus, and just as you think you know where it's going, it subverts your expectations with a hard four-to-the-floor beat and addictive guitar riff, in-dispersed with exasperated croons.

“"Honest" is about putting every part of yourself into a relationship with an insecure and dishonest person. I wear my heart on my sleeve, it feels like an excerpt from a diary of a fucked relationship," and considering how well that message is construed, it sounds like he's put every part of himself into this track too.

"Her Sorry" is available now via Wonderwild Records.

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