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Tia and Bounty Killer throw us a party on "Nice Up" [Video]

Reggae/Dancehall's OG Bounty Killer and talented Tia collaborate for a lively and colorful visual for their new single "Nice Up" - creating the perfect track for any party.

Tia, a Reggae/Dancehall singer, has been catching everyone's attention the past two years, dropping countless singles and  showing off her powerful voice, such as in "Fahrenheit." In "Nice Up," her soft yet strong vocals undeniably display her effortless talent. It is no surprise that she has collaborated with Bounty Killer, one of the best at his craft since the '90s. The colors in the new visual as well as the choreographed dances have a magnetic feel that just brightens up your day and makes you want to attend a party and dance. Sonically, the bright electronic keyboard and the deep hitting bass give off an energetic tone that symbolizes a good time perfectly. The vibrant sounds mixed with the fun-loving lyrics create a carefree atmosphere and a no judgement zone. The repetitive rhymes in the hook reel us right in, such as "Nice up the party/ Come to have fun with somebody/ Cause when the feeling's right/ We will be seizing life."  When Bounty Killer comes in, he shakes the party up with his aggressive yet passionate tone. Here, we can see how Tia, the new generation, has changed it up but we can still see Bounty Killer's influence. Don't forget to ask the DJ to press play if you decide to throw or attend a house party.

Connect with Tia: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Connect with Bounty Killer: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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10 days ago

I love Bounty Killer but he looks every one of his 48 years here.