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UK-based indie trio WULF are "Never Giving Up"

Beyond the buzz of their standout debut EP Lairs in 2015, London-based indie outfit WULF have spent their time on varying endeavours, getting married, starting or growing their respective families but also considering their next step as a group. To quote Dave Grohl, "Rock and Roll is a young man's game" and whilst that doesn't always hold true, this existential quandary they found themselves in, led them to create music in the hopes that it will stand the test of time.

Reemerging in 2020 with "These Days," their intent is clear and their time away from releasing was seemingly well spent. A release that elevated their sound dramatically, their newly matured and calculated trajectory emphatically soars with the self-referential single "Never Giving Up."

The trendless impact of "Never Giving Up" is embued by not the music alone but with the firm and lasting message that drives the lyricism, which comes across as both timely, and timeless. "This song came together pretty quickly, inspired by a friend’s experiences." shares songwriter J. Bowyer in an email statement. "With the isolation we’re all feeling, it felt more relevant now than ever. An ode to those embers of hope that tell us if we keep striving for something, things will get better."

Their trademark piano-led indie rock style naturally returns in full force, with swaggering guitar licks offering a rebuttal to the richly emotive piano chords that provide the backbone to the track. A testament to their songwriting abilities, despite the somewhat tender delivery of both vocals and instrumentation, "Never Giving Up" garners an anthemic, stadium-ready quality sure to set crowds ablaze whenever live music returns.

"Never Giving Up" is available now via Lyricom.

Connect with WULF: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Website



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