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Brianna Knightt's love runs "So Deep"

Emerging R&B and Soul musician Brianna Knightt has quite an impressive body of work with various full-length projects to numerous collaborations that go as far back as the mid-2010s. However, today we are looking at her single "So Deep"— a heartfelt ode to her significant other and true love from an unconditional perspective. 

Knightt's vocals really stand out on this latest release and her delivery across the track is just impeccable. She knows her onions and takes a bit from her R&B predecessors like MJB and Lauryn Hill with the way she projects each emotion-driven lyrics over the warm hip-hop-infused backdrop. She weaves seamlessly over the beat with stylish confidence that shows proficiency in delivering ear-worm melodic runs and relatable lyrics. The delivery is seductive and carefree, while still maintaining a sense of vulnerability. 

"So Deep" is a celebration of love and will definitely appeal to everyone basking in that feeling of joy.

Connect with Brianna Knightt: SoundCloud | Facebook 

90's · Alternative R&B · Hip-Hop


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