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Huron John searches for "Common Ground" on new single

If there's one word that feels right for Huron John's music, it's kaleidoscopic. Alongside his self-directed visuals, the 21 year old has built a creative world that is both colorful and disorienting (in the best of ways). "Common Ground" is the third single to be released off his upcoming sophomore LP, following "Arthur" and "Trapped In A Lava Lamp". 

Huron John proves time and time again that a little bit of optimism goes a long way. On "Common Ground," he combats the self-doubt and insecurity that so often crops up in budding relationships. The production is no less than a sonic playground, featuring funk-tinged drums, shimmery chords, and quirky interjections. The breakdown smooths out the song's anxieties with a simple-yet-sweet guitar solo and the line "I need a common ground to lay my feet". Having found stable footing again, the song kicks right back into the head-nodding groove. 

With the release of his LP Cartoon Therapy and a full-length documentary style film, 2021 is poised to be a big year for Huron John.

Connect with Huron John: Spotify | Instagram | Website

Alt-Pop · Indie · Indie Pop


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