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Amber Jay releases her versatile debut EP 'Never Too Far From A Dark Thought'

Liverpool-based Amber Jay has been making her mark on the bedroom-pop scene over the past year or so. Now, Amber reveals her exciting debut EP Never Too Far From A Dark Thought filled with a spectrum of pop-infused work.

Opening with the bubbling "Pencilled Brims" which unveils an array of futuristic elements among brooding rhythms to introduce Amber Jay's off-kilter pop sounds. The EP highlight remains to be the most recent single "Stay The Same"; a fuzzy tale of heartbreak that swoops in with its impeccable dark pop intimacies and twists itself into a golden sonic masterpiece. Whilst "The House" is a warped slice of electro-pop that feels slightly eerie at moments, "Own Way" is a buoyant single that worms itself into your brain. Underscored with oscillating synth melodies and punctuated with a low-key dance beat, the single showcases Amber's unique melody-driven way of curating elegant pop. 

“The EP really just forced itself into the world. I didn't plan to make it but after recording 'Stay The Same' it all made so much sense that this body of work needed to be made," explains Amber. "I had a handful of songs full of heart and atmosphere, that I knew I wanted to give out one day but it really felt like the universe took me and put me in all the right places to make them into the form they are today. The EP has such an energy and is packed with my personality and vulnerability which is scary and exciting all at the same time. This collection of tracks has compacted into what I feel is a solid foundation that I want to grow and build upon as I go forward.”

Yet the tender, acoustic-styled track "Person" stands out as a polar opposite to the rest of the EP. It's a calming love song that captures Amber's songwriting talents perfectly and gives us a moment to catch our breath. Its delicate guitar strings and angelic harmonies blend to create a track that truly is exquisite. "Person" the perfect closure to a body of work that puts Amber's artistry on display for all to hear. 

Never Too Far From A Dark Thought is an elegant EP drawing on the expansiveness of pop. Rooted in bedroom pop, the EP uncovers an array of electronic and acoustic sounds that create hybridity that well suits Amber's expanding artistry. As a debut EP, this is golden. 

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